A Perfect Storm of Influence

We’re all aware of the changing nature of higher education, the speed and uncertainty with which the higher ed landscape is shifting and evolving under our feet. At UF today we find ourselves between what feels like the proverbial rock and hard place: More need for what we do, less money to do it. More demand to be effective and compelling, less capacity for developing it.

Here’s a huge silver lining:  it’s actually a place for great opportunity moving forward. Our colleges, our deans, our programs, our administrators… They need us more than EVER right now, today.

We are a true forecast university – a national leader that others look upon to gauge national trends. And because of the perfect storm of complex issues now facing UF that require PR, strategic planning, marketing and visual communications, social media — at a time of great uncertainty — there has probably never been an opportunity like this for communicators on this campus to prove their worth and move the needle.

UREL is seizing this opportunity. How are you seizing yours?

Jim Harrison is UF’s Creative Director in the Office of University Relations.