UFCN Logos

About Your UFCN

History has shown that it’s impossible to be a great leader without being a great communicator. Your University of Florida Communicators Network has existed since 1990 as a group of communication professionals leading the advancement of UF’s image and reputation.

This network of communicators, designers, information officers, artists, specialists and public relations strategists are ambassadors — together building and advancing the image of the University of Florida locally, statewide, regionally, and globally to the university’s critical audiences.

Your UFCN enhances and maximizes this combined communications effort. Its mission is to facilitate consistent, efficient and effective communications across campus, make greater use of existing resources, and enhance public relations to strengthen the university.

About This Site

Your UFCN website showcases the best creative work accomplished across the University of Florida. It’s an opportunity to share the skills, expertise, creativity and craft of UF communicators to others globally, while advancing UF’s reputation and image.

After critical feedback from the UF communicators across the campus, the website redesign represents a vibrant, contemporary, engaging, interactive collective from communication professionals in an array of fields. A valuable information exchange, the new UFCN website will not only show you inspirational  work being done by your colleagues, but explain why, who achieved it, and how it got done.

You are encouraged to do great work, and submit your teams’ best efforts for consideration. Prepare and submit your project case studies so you can share your knowledge. If it’s awesome work, it’ll make the site!

About The UFCN Logo

Logos are what what an organization makes of them, and the UFCN is nothing if not a group of makers. So expect the UFCN logos you see undergo a playful mix of changes and adaptations.

Besides, there are so many restrictions on creating logos used on behalf of UF, we thought it might be nice to set aside all the rules & regulations and see what happens.

So designers, we challenge you! Make the UFCN logo you want to see, and submit it to us! Have fun, just be sure to use the following text elements: “Your UFCN”, and “University of Florida Communicators Network”. Please submit a transparent PNG file at 400x400px dimensions to akirby@ufl.edu.