All You Need

So at UREL we strive for love in what we create. Why? Because love is only emotion capable of forgiveness. Go to a restaurant for the first time and see a dirty bathroom, and you’re already writing the place off, because you’re wondering about the kitchen. Go to your favorite restaurant, and see a bathroom that needs cleaning, and you’re looking at the crowds and seeing a busy staff that can’t get to everything, and realizing that they’re really busy because the food is so great, and wow you lucked out getting a table on a busy Friday night – you’ve forgiven, and they still have your business. 

Here’s what you have to remember about UF: UF certainly doesn’t do everything right, but people do love us. And it makes all the difference in the world for our institution.

If you don’t believe me, ask VP Jane Adams about the Gator legislators who fight for us in Tallahassee every year.  Ask Foundation VP Tom Mitchell about the donors who are choosing UF over hundreds of vital, impactful charities with some of the largest donations of their lives. Ask a Cicerone about the families they meet while giving campus tours.

Love plays a major part of UF moving forward. Embrace it when you talk to your audiences.

Jim Harrison is UF’s Creative Director in the Office of University Relations.