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As part of the University's cost-reduction efforts, professional communicators across campus are finding ways to reduce cost, consolidate messages, and create a more sustainable marketing and publications environment.

By creating more efficient processes for disseminating messages and reproducing information, the University community can achieve substantial savings without compromising the quality or effectiveness of communications.

Power of the Press

Printer Certification
Printer Certification

The University has initiated a process to certify a select group of printers based upon pricing, capabilities, service and sustainability.

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Paperless Society

Print to Web Move
Print to Web

UF produces hundreds of printed publications every year - and many of these printed materials can function just as effectively on the web.

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The Weight of Paper

Photocopy & Printouts
Photocopying and Printouts

In 2004, the United States used 8 million tons of office paper (3.2 billion reams). That’s the equivalent of 178 million trees!

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Think Before You Ink!

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