University Relations: Commencement

Social Media, Video

Client University Relations
Date April 11, 2013

We interviewed Dr. Ron Spitznagel, Chief Marshal of commencement, to get his perspective on the importance of commencement. We see graduation as the super bowl event in higher education. We wanted to find a way to celebrate our students and their achievements because graduation should be about the students. Our goal was to have students leave the University of Florida knowing that we care about them and that we are proud of what they have done and what they will do in their future careers, like a hug.

Bruce Floyd- Social Media Specialist, University Relations

Sixtine Gurrey- Multimedia Specialist, University Relations

Hannah Swerdloff- Social Media Intern, University Relations

  • Pitched idea to Dr. Spitznagel.
  • Filmed interview and montage scene.
  • Fully edited and produced video in-house.

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