UF Health Communications: UF Institute on Aging Annual Report


Client UF&Shands Institute on Aging
Date April 8, 2013

UF Health Communications approached The UF Institute on Aging in 2012 with the idea of producing an annual report highlighting their key achievements of the year. During the fourth quarter, the news team and the creative services team collaborated to write, design and produce the report. The piece, entitled “Progress,” targets prospective clinical study participants and patients, research and institutional partners, donors and other funders, and other supporters.

The project’s manager, Czerne Reid, Ph.D.,worked closely with Institute on Aging Director Marco Pahor, M.D., then wrote, edited and organized the content for the annual report. The project’s creative director/designer, Mary Cecelia, created a completely fresh look and feel for the piece that moved it away from the stereotypical materials frequently represented in senior-related marketing. Photographer Maria Belen Farias’ photos included an engaging time-lapse montage of the new institute building under construction.

The result is a high-impact, clean report with a bright color palette, a minimalist approach to design and typography and easy-to-read, varied and interesting content that reflects the important research, patient care and education initiatives being undertaken by the Institute on Aging.

The Institute on Aging 2012 Annual Report features a fold-out center panel where key data and research highlights are showcased. The piece was printed 4 color process on dull coated stock with a flood satin AQ varnish.


Marco Pahor, M.D., director, UF Institute on Aging

Melanie Ross, M.S.J., chief communications officer

Garrett Hall, M.A.M.C, assistant director, creative services

Czerne Reid, Ph.D., project manager, writer, editor



Czerne Reid, Ph.D., communications coordinator

Mary Cecelia, creative director/designer

Maria Belen Farias, photographer

  • By creating a fresh and unexpected visual identity for the UF’s Institute on Aging that defies stereotypes for senior-related marketing materials the annual report effectively showcases IOA’s innovation in research, education, clinical practice, technology and infrastructure development.
  • The theme of progress, not just in the sense of “what we did last year,” highlights the immense accomplishments of institute in their work to help older adults to lead healthy independent lives.
  • The forward-leaning design of the piece reflects the ethos of the institute — a culture of discovery, constantly embarking on and overcoming new challenges, and always moving forward and upward.

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