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Client College of Journalism & Communications
Date April 10, 2013

In the spring of 2011, the College of Journalism and Communications reorganized its communications effort and began the process of developing an overall strategic communications plan for the College.  Initially, the main focus was on developing an internal communications program after research and focus groups showed faculty, staff and students felt:

–       Current internal communications were extremely limited and were primarily in the form of emails.  Students, in particular, felt they were being inundated with daily emails – often duplicative – from various College and department entities and many students indicated they no longer preferred using email as a communications tool.

–        There was little communication between and among departments and divisions, and often there were events, speakers and news that would have been of interest to a larger College audience, but were only being communicated to a limited group.

–       Faculty governance, administrative information, research and teaching resources, and information for current students were buried within the College’s website, making it difficult for faculty, staff and students to find the information, as well as making the website more cumbersome for external audiences to maneuver.

Working closely with the administrative team, faculty and students, the Communications staff developed “MyCJC,” a comprehensive internal communications program, which includes a variety of tools including intranet, Twitter, Facebook and email.

Two intranets: “MyCJC for Faculty and Staff” and “MyCJC for Students” house all the College’s internal news, honors, links, resources, governance and administrative information, videos, blogs and more; Twitter, Facebook and weekly aggregate e-newsletters quickly communicate news and activities and push faculty, staff and students to the intranets for more complete information.

The response from faculty, staff and students has been very positive and we continue to tweak the plan.  Students especially appreciate the “full menu” of intranet, Twitter and Facebook, and that the aggregate email translates well on smart phones and tablets.  We continue evaluating the plan and intend to spend a good part of this summer looking at the data, developing more specific metrics and continuing to improve our internal communications efforts.

Quenta Vettel, Senior Director of Communications, UF CJC

Steve Johnson, Visual Coordinator, UF CJC

Craig Lee, Webmaster, UF CJC

Brittany Wienke, student assistant, UF CJC

Developed strategic plan for coordinated internal communications effort for the College’s faculty, staff and students.

Created and developed “MyCJC” as the brand and visual platform for all internal communications efforts in the College.

Launched separate “MyCJC” intranet sites for faculty and staff ( and students (

Launched @MyCJC Twitter and MyCJC Facebook page for students.  Within four months, the MyCJC Twitter feed had more than 1,200 followers. (

Developed separate weekly “This Week in MyCJC” aggregate e-newsletters for CJC student listserve and faculty/staff group email that pushes readers to more complete information on the “MyCJC” intranet sites.

Developed “MyCJC Speakers series” to publicize speaking events in the College.

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