Warrington College of Business: Online MBA Promotion

Print, Social Media

Client Warrington College of Business
Date April 11, 2013

UF MBA Programs at the Hough Graduate School of Business at the Warrington College of Business Administration wanted to execute a marketing campaign that would reach UF Alumni attending the 2013 Orange and Blue Debut. With No. 1 rankings for both Online Programs and Working Professional Programs, UF MBA wanted to get the word out to UF Alumni about their two highly-ranked programs.

Over 15,000 custom cheer cards were produced and distributed to all attendees of the 2013 Orange and Blue Debut with both No. 1 rankings promoting UF MBA Programs. Two separate cheer cards were produced for UF’s popular “Orange & Blue” chant commonly heard during football games.

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Jason Williams, Graphic Designer

Kathy Harper, UF MBA Marketing Director
Ginny Lawrimore, Social Media Manager
Ben Simons, Senior Graphic Designer

Designed with a nostalgic appeal for both younger and older alumni.

Cards designed to be kept as souvenirs, giving the UF MBA promotional backside more shelf life to resonate with potential prospective students.

The cards also were promoted through social media channels (University of Florida Twitter and UF MBA Facebook) to help excite UF’s alumni and promote UF MBA’s Programs.

Photographs were staged on the field during the game to generate a library for future marketing projects.

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