UF Foundation: Carrying UF Student Traditions Forward

Photography, Print

Client UF Foundation
Date April 18, 2013


The SAA BEAT T-shirt was designed in coordination with the student leadership of the SAA. The main purpose was to bring fun, awareness and spirit to the SAA and its membership. Mainly designed as a campus-wide attention grabber, the T-shirts were produced in limited numbers and distributed out the Friday morning before a Gator home football game. The T-shirts had to be visually bold and dynamic enough to gain attention by TV cameras broadcasting the Gators playing that weekend’s opponent. One of the important factors for the success of the T-shirt was for students to wear them in large numbers within the student section and be as loud and intimidating as possible to visiting teams and their fans. These were especially popular for SEC rival games and of course UGA and Florida State. The most popular versions were “Classic Albert” and the “Ravenous Jurassic Gator” laid out in screaming Gator orange and blue, as to make no mistake to the public who the students and fans were making their emotional loyalty to.


SAA “The Box”

Known as the “Happy Fun Meal Pack” of Gator Nation ambiance, The Box was a huge success in introducing entering UF freshmen to the SAA and the Gator Nation. The package contained many interesting and popular items, such as a chip clip, drink coozie, 4GB USB flash-drive keychain, magnets, pen, notepad, coupons to popular eateries, SAA membership T-shirt, and of course the legendary F Book. The Box was designed as piece to be visually dynamic and entice students to immediately open container in order to get to the Gator Nation Goodies inside. Along with the importance of gaining instant visual attraction, The Box was a concept of sustainability. The students would remove their new found items and insert valuable necessities for the military troops abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan, such as shaving cream, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, lip balm, snacks, etc. The introduction of The Box as a care package from the Gator Nation was a huge success.


The F Book

The original “F Book” appeared in 1925 and was a pocket-sized booklet crammed with information essential for the survival of any Florida freshman. The typical “F Book” included academic and athletic calendars, a campus map, the student body constitution, and the words to the “Alma Mater” and the school fight songs. The “F Book” was always (and remains) a student body publication. The last edition of the “F Book” to carry the freshmen rules was published in 1948, and the Rat Caps that freshmen were required to wear disappeared soon after. As the freshmen rules and traditions died, so did the “F Book.” The last “F Book” was published in 1960. The “F Book” was reintroduced in 2006 by the SAA and completely redesigned for the modern pop-culture of the current UF student. Containing many of the past items of information, the “F Book” is geared towards students saving their memories and traditions while being a underclassman for the four years of study and life at UF. Each version for the last several years is purposely changed as much as possible in design while still retaining the core important parts of the “F Book”. Content is written and developed by the SAA in advance collaboration, which after content is handed off to the UF Foundation communications department so design and production can be fleshed out and processed. The process of picking cover design, use of color, paper, publication layout and choice of fonts, illustrations and photography is worked in close collaboration with the current SAA as to give as much UF student personality and ambiance to the “F Book” as possible. The finality of the design is meant for the student, who eventually graduates, to want to hold on to and save their “F Book” for the remainder of their life as to never forget that they were and always be a Gator.

Scott Harper, Lead Designer, UF Foundation

Student Alumni Association
Laura Lentz and Rachel Johnson

F Book Printing/Production
Raintree Graphics, Jacksonville
Fidelity, Orlando

Close coordination with student alumni and Cicerone members to integrate feedback and build authenticity into designs

Working closely to select appropriate printing vendors — to ensure quality control across all applications

Review and mockup of dielines for scoring, folding and package assembly

Review of paper samples, finishing processes, ink drawdowns, and a final review “Press Check” as a job is being printed

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