UF Law Viewbook

Print, Web

Date August 22, 2014

This annual printed publication is distributed by UF Law admissions officers at law school recruitment fairs nationwide. It allows prospective students to get a taste of what it’s like to not only live in Gainesville and study at the University of Florida, but also a sense of the environment, people, connections and career opportunities available.

Executed by UF Law Communications: Associate Director Rick Goldstein and Communications Coordinator Whitney Smith with input from UF Law administrators and constituents.

We re-envisioned last year’s piece to be more user-friendly. We asked ourselves “What would a prospective student want to know about us?” After a long consultation with law admissions officers, we reworked the entire book so that the Curriculum section contained coursework and related programs specific to each area of the law. For example, want to study Criminal Law? Here are all of the available certificate programs, student groups and professional opportunities and centers available to you. We have eight areas like that. The rest of the book gave an overview of the facilities, community, alumni connections, resources and the campus.