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Date April 10, 2013

From the natural serenity of Lake Alice, to the architectural diversity spanning decades, to the radiant smile on a student’s face, the beauty of the UF campus is undeniably one of the university’s strongest assets.

Capturing those images on film is the role and function of the University Relations Photography Staff. Every one of their pictures tells a story. Whether the subject is teaching, research, service, athletics or any newsworthy event, the photography staff covers all aspects of campus life.

News photos are released to the Associated Press and to other news outlets for international, national and state publications. Many of the images appear regularly in UF publications as well as commercial publications globally. The University Relations Photography Staff also covers campus events such as visiting dignitaries and speakers, fund raising projects, minority affairs, and alumni activities.

The next best thing to actually being on campus is viewing the vivid, captivating pictures shot every day by the University Relations Photography Staff. Their quality, professionalism, and experience are reflected in every photo.

Ray Carson, Photography Section Head, University Relations

Eric Zamora, Digital Media Specialist, University Relations

Be Bold

Photographers always have the opportunity to create boldness in their images. Whether it’s accomplished through lighting, background or composition, tell your story boldly and immediately grab the viewer’s interest.

Be Professional in Every Way

Establish a strong client relationship from the beginning. Get to know exactly what they are trying to capture. Work as a team: Execute and follow through, including hand delivering the final product.

Be Persistent

Capturing an ideal image of Century Tower at sunrise might require trips to the roofs of Turlington Plaza, Bryant Hall, and three separate trips to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. After determining the stadium would be the best choice, the photographer then has to decide on the best vantage point. The roof? The stands? The scoreboard? There are other factors, too, like the weather. And, most important, where exactly would the sun be rising in relation to Century Tower? When you are depending on luck as well as preparation and success can be a moving target, persistence is essential. Keep shooting. Keep trying. Make what’s in your mind’s eye a reality.

Be a Journalist

At heart, every UF photographer is a journalist with a story to tell. They look for the human moments, the scenes where emotion and atmosphere converge, and the lighting (hopefully) is perfect. They constantly seek that moment in time deserves needs to be captured forever. This journalistic instinct can help you reach your audience in a meaningful and memorable way.

Think Outside the Box

Sure, you’ve heard it before. But there truly is merit in approaching an assignment in nontraditional ways. Challenge yourself to do something differently than you have in the past. Nearly every great advancement in history was achieved that way. So, don’t always play it safe.

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