University Relations: UF’17

Social Media

Client University Relations
Date April 5, 2013

UREL developed, coordinated, and organized a hashtag campaign specifically for the primary release date for freshman admission decisions.  This included custom social media imagery for them to share their excitement which also promoted our brand.

The goal of this campaign was to make students feel welcome to the University of Florida, despite its size, through social media. It helped create a connection between the University of Florida and these admitted students through a familiar medium. It also established a connection among other #UF17 students and a common point by which they could communicate and begin to foster their own connections with each other.

Bruce Floyd- Social Media Specialist, University Relations
Hannah Swerdloff – Social Media Intern, University Relations
Mickey Howard, New Student and Family Programs
Kristina Netzler, New Student and Family Programs
Sara Tanner, Division of Student Affairs
Shannon Murphy, Office of Admissions

Jim Harrison, Director of Creative Services, University Relations
Elecia Crumpton, Art Director, University Relations

  • Facebook and Twitter avatars
  • Own hashtag event so students feel like they are a part of something

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