Social Media, Video, Web

Client Office of Admissions, Web Design/Development
Date March 25, 2014

Every year, the #UFSocial team welcomes the newly admitted freshman class to UF through social media on the day decisions are released. Last year, we introduced the hashtag #UF17, which proved successful in tracking conversations of the new class of 2017. This year, we tried to build on that experience and the students’ excitement by creating a landing site, where admitted students were greeted with a featured video, downloadable graphics, and the hashtag #UF18 to interact with all their new classmates.

Bruce Floyd, Social Media Specialist, University Relations

Sixtine Gurrey, Multimedia Specialist, University Relations

Al Kirby, Web Designer/Developer, University Relations

Paul Bernard, Copywriter, University Relations

Monica Kelly, Social Media Intern, University Relations

Christine Casey, Social Media Intern, University Relations

Teamed up with Admissions and IT to get approval of landing page

Brainstormed design and messaging concepts for website (using Startup Framework), video and other visuals

Set up command center for decision day, in order to see real-time statistics from social media and from site visits

Responded to as many tweets, Instagram posts and other social media interactions as possible

Kept track of conversations and statistics