Top Notch Web Design/Development Blogs

Like many web geeks, I’m constantly looking to advance my skills, so I’d like to share a few of my favorite web design/development blogs and resources. Now go learn something new and innovative.

None of This Is About You, Really

No amount of providing data or lists of features, capabilities or services is going to get you what your administrators and supervisors so desperately want: An appreciation from the audiences you serve of how vital and valuable their operations are.

Bond, Emotional Bond

Establishing the foundation for communications that engage first and convey valuable information second is one critical way we all reinforce the emotional components of UF’s strong brand. When you support the brand, the brand supports you.

All You Need

UF certainly doesn’t do everything right, but people do love us. And it makes all the difference in the world for our institution.

Big Picture Thinking Teaches Big Lessons

As UF speaks to the world, and UREL partners with many fellow communicators across campus, UREL’s responsibility is to be connected to and understand the “big picture” for UF — in a way that very few units on campus do.

A Perfect Storm of Influence

There probably hasn’t ever been an opportunity like this for communicators on this campus to prove their worth and move the needle.